Meet Our Network Team

nick mizesko

Nick Mizesko

Nick is the MBL Network Director and the play by play commentator for MBL Live! For any partnership opportunities or business inquiries please contact via email


Shadow Rose

Shadow is the Assistant Network Director, and is in charge of scheduling MBL Live! games on the network.


Jamie Peterson

Jamie is the graphic designer for MBL Live! and Bonus Coverage. He also creates graphics for the MBL 365 website.

Jermiah Young

Jeremiah Young

JY is the longest tenured graphics design member in the MBL. He provides thumbnails for every podcast on the MBL Network and designs the MBL magazine.

Trending On The MBL Network

MBL Live! is the flagship show on the MBL Network. This play by play broadcast is called by Osu (Nick Mizesko), and he brings unmatched energy and excitement to every play. Don’t miss a minute of the action, make sure you are following the MBL Network on

Looking for additional MBL play by play broadcasts? We got you covered, check out Bonus Coverage on the MBL Twitch channel. This show features MBL and Grid play by play broadcasts, along with following the current Building The Franchise team throughout each game. Live stream hosted by Bomber.

The Commissioners Corner podcast discusses and debates hot topics around the MBL. This show is live, every other week, on the MBL Network YouTube Channel. Hosted by MBL commissioners Bomber and Lipp, make sure to check out the full immersion podcast with ESPN SportsCenter style presentation.

AME Award Winner

Ryan Cypress

Ryan Cypress is the MBL Network AME, Achievement in Media Excellence, award winner for MBL Season 32. Ryan went above and beyond in his performance this season. He helped produce a new live streaming show called “Bonus Coverage” and became the hype guru of MBL Live! upcoming games. Thanks for all the hard work.

Behind The Scenes

The MBL Network has so many moving parts and the ones that are often forgotten are the behind the scenes members. Shoutout to John Bleavins one of the best moderators on the MBL Network, Tyler Porter for truly becoming a participation guru, and Timbo for his consistent work on the b/r team. You guys are a big part of the reason the MBL Network is as efficient as it is today!