This is the official website of the Madden Bomber League. On this page you will find everything from MBL Historical information to upcoming events and how to join the community. This is the one stop shop for everything in the MBL community.

MBL Twitter

One of the major social media platforms for the MBL is Twitter. On Twitter you will see league updates, team tweets, full immersion media headlines, fantasy football within the league, and upcoming schedules for live streams. Give us a follow today!

MBL Twitch

On the MBL Twitch you can find MBL Live! play by play broadcasts, Building The Franchise live streams, Bonus Coverage, and special events hosted by the MBL. This is an exciting place to interact with members and fans of the MBL.

MBL YouTube

The MBL YouTube channel is a great way to catch up on all the archived content in the MBL. There are some great YouTube exclusive shows on the MBL Network you need to check out, along with 1 on 1 interviews with EA Madden NFL Developers.

About Us

MBL is the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Daddy Leagues Xbox One “League of the Year”. The MBL was founded and created by Bomber on January 5th, 2014 debuting in Madden 25. MBL’s sole purpose was to provide owners a full immersion experience unlike anything done before. MBL runs August to August without any breaks or restarts. If you are looking for a Madden league that prides itself on realism and building teams through the draft, free agency, and player development then you have come to the right place.

Our Experience

The MBL experience is one of a kind and below are 4 examples of just how the MBL brand operates.

August to August

That’s right the MBL runs its franchise league all year round (hence the “365” title). We do not restart our league at any point in the cycle. Our seasons span roughly 45 days with media content capturing every big moment throughout the season.

Full Immersion

The MBL strives to be as fully immersive as possible. Each owner is required to maintain a team twitter, and tweet each week about the outcome of their game. MBL Media outlets contribute via twitter, podcasts, blogs, and MUCH MORE!


This is the foundation for the MBL’s success. Our members embrace a community that is about more than winning or losing. Contributions and activity within the league are at all time high because we are all working towards a common goal, to keep improving our brand!

League of the Year

MBL is the 5x Daddy Leagues league of the year award winner. Over the last 5 years we have been able to maintain excellence on many levels, and hopefully that tradition will continue as we strive to hit 6 in a row.

MBL Quick Links

The quick links section contains links to MBL specific pages that are updated at the end of each MBL season, or at the end of each Madden cycle. All updates to the these pages will be announced on twitter and on our daddy leagues page.

MBL Owners Hall of Fame

The MBL Network is the content producing side of the Madden Bomber League. Its flagship show, MBL Live, showcases the marquee match ups of the regular season and playoffs during a live stream with myself on the play by play. The network also has a multitude of original programs, such as, Commissioners Corner Podcast, and Building The Franchise.

Nick Mizesko

MBL Network Director

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