THE history OF THE MBL

  MBL is the 2016,2017, & 2018 Daddy Leagues Xbox One "League of the Year" and the 2016 & 2017 League Crawler "League of the Year".


  The MBL was founded & created by Bomber on January 5th, 2014 debuting in Madden 25.  MBL sole purpose was to bring back true simulation football while providing owners a full immersion experience. MBL runs August-August without any breaks or restarts. If you are looking for a Madden league that prides itself on realism and building teams from draft, free agency, and player development then you have came to the right place.

   MBL seasons 1-3 on Madden 25 were difficult as the owner turnover rate was high, as many madden gamers are not made for the MBL. MBL Season 4-5 is when the MBL began to find itself as a premier league on Xbox One. In season 5 Lipp came on as the Co-Commish, and the MBL admins set the tone for how to conduct yourself on and off the field. Lipp took over the gameplay and complaint section of the MBL and this allowed for Bomber to grow the league in other areas such as Twitter and Youtube outlets. Lipp has been the most consistent contributor to the league, and is respected around the league putting MBL ahead of everything else.

   Sonny became the pioneer for the MBL Network, creating content for the weekly 4 Verts Podcast, MBL 30 for 30 series, and MBL Tonight. Through his vision and creativity the MBL has more content than any other Madden League on the MBL Network. Sonny created and developed MBL Tonight, which is the first ever Virtual Studio show in MBL History. Sonny was inducted into the MBL Owners HOF in Season 13.

   Ntrain was added the MBL Admin team in Season 8, and immediately influenced the league getting every team on Twitter to expand the MBL full immersion experience. Ntrain also created the by-laws for the MBL Owners Hall Of Fame. He is the head of the MBL Owners HOF, and was inducted in Season 11. Ntrain also runs the MBL Promotions division, in which he creates games and giveaways relating to current sport events outside of the MBL. 

   Project Fat helped transition The Grid, an MBL development league, from a stand alone league into a league that helps develop talent for the MBL. He has shown leadership and initiative by creating content for the MBL Network. Project Fat is the former co-host on the Extra Point Podcast, and currently is a broadcaster on MBL Live!Project was inducted into the MBL Hall of Fame in Season 17.

   Oktoba is currently one of the most trusted owners in the MBL, he is in charge 

of the trade request and position change request duties on the admin team. His contributions do not stop with his admin duties, as he is one of the top financial donors in the MBL. Oktoba was inducted into the MBL Owners HOF in season 19.

   Bob is an MBL admin and is head of the MBL stats team. His day to day work in the MBL helps maintain our simulation standards, as well as regulate the play style of our members so that we are always striving towards MBL excellence. Bob was inducted into the MBL Owners HOF in season 22.

   OSU is the MBL Network Director, many know him as the face and the voice of MBL Live! Play By Play Broadcasts. OSU has single handedly changed the culture of our MBL Network improving the quality and quantity of our shows and live streams. OSU was inducted into the MBL Owners HOF in season 25. 

   Unisolated is a content creator for the MBL Network and the assistant to the MBL Network Director. Unisolated has an imprint behind the scenes in the MBL that is unmatched. He is one of the most trusted owners, and has donated thousands to the league which has allowed us to be where we are today. Unisolated was inducted into the MBL Owners HOF in season 29.


mbl mission statement

"MBL creates an ideal SIM environment in which owners build teams through Free Agency, MBL Draft, and Player Development. Strict Trade Rules are used to maintain identity and realism of teams while promoting the SIM culture MBL is attempting to create. There are plenty of sim leagues that allow unrealistic trading and non strategic gameplay, but if you are looking for something more life-like then you have came to the right place. We are the leaders in Full Immersion Gaming, and look forward to seeing you join the MBL community. Now lets play Chess not Checkers"   


about the mbl

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